Kagoshima, December 2013

On our way to visit my family in Yakushima Island, we spent a couple of days in Kagoshima City.

Yamakataya department store across from the bus stop still had some holiday decorations a couple of days after Christmas.

Yamakata-ya Department Store in Kagoshima

On the next day, we went to Voilá Coffee in Dolphin Port. We’ve been ordering their coffee beans for the past few months based on recommendations made by Steve. The coffee shop isn’t large but they had a wide selection of their merchandise. They have 3 other shops around Kagoshima Prefecture.

Inoue Coffee Company Voilá

After strolling around the port area, we walked to the south east side of the city.

The statue of Saigō Takamori. He was “one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history,” a rebellious hero from Kagoshima.

Saigo Takamori Statue

A black cat and Kagoshima Modern Literature Museum building.

Black Cat in Kagoshima

We walked up Mt. Shiroyama.

It was a very cloudy day with some rain, but luckily we got to see most of Sakurajima Island without clouds from the top of the hill. We didn’t make it to Sakurajima Volcano this time but it’s only 15-minute ferry ride away.


That night, we had dinner with some of Kagoshima WordPress community members. Both the shochu and local food were really good – thanks, Nishimura-san, Niinuma-san and everyone who came over! I wish I could have stayed longer but I had to take an early morning boat the next morning because of the forecast.

I shot this blue & white lights in Tenmonkan Archade on the way to the hotel.

Blue Illumination in Tenmonakan Street


October 2013 Photos

Some photos I took last month.

Leiden & Amsterdam

At the beginning of October, I went to WordCamp Europe (WCEU) in Leiden in the Netherlands. I spent one extra day in the country, exploring around Amsterdam. I really liked Dutch cityscape and people – would love to go back for a longer period next time.

More photos from WCEU and Amsterdam & Leiden on Flickr

Fukuoka, Ureshino (Saga), Nagasaki and Tokyo

After a short stay at home in Tokyo, I went to WordPress meetup in Fukuoka then spent some time with my family traveling in Kyushu. Quite interestingly, one of our family trip destinations was Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch-themed park  in Nagasaki prefecture. We celebrated my grandma’s birthday together and had a really good time together.

More photos from the Kyushu trip on Flickr

Learnings from Growing Local WordPress Communities #wceu

Today I gave a talk about WordPress communities in Japan at WordCamp Europe at Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden in Netherlands. Here’s my slides:

Learnings from Growing Local WordPress Communities

It was great to get feedbacks from community organizers all over Europe – Netherlands, German, Finland, Switzerland, France… This WordCamp has been one of a kind where I got to meet so many WordPress users who are passionate about i18n, translation, and helping local communities from so many different countries.

I thought it was cool that my conclusion on why WordPress community (in Japan and elsewehere) had grown so much coincided some of the comments by other speakers; the answer was enabling continuous small efforts by many contributors.

The video will be posted on later, but please feel to contact me (or tweet to @naokomc) if you have more comments and/or questions about the slides.