WordPress Meetup Tokyo – March 2014: Optimization Show and Tell

We had the 11th WordPress Meetup Tokyo in Co-Edo on Saturday (almost one year since we started the group!). Today’s topic was WordPress Optimization and we had 4 speakers.

Some links are posted on the Meetup.com event page, so I’ll post some of my own here:

Keita talked about his experience with current Nginx/HHVM/MariaDB setup (slides), Toru shared insights on the “WordPress Template” feature (pre-configured Nginx + WordPress + CentOS setup) on ConoHa VIP service, and Stefan taught us about using Google PageSpeed Insights and Charles to analyze / debug site performance.
I also learned a bit about WoodWing Enterprise WordPress connector, which is a publishing system used behind recently relaunched TIME.com).

The coworking space’s owner Tanaka-san had a big surprise for Keita and myself! He had 2 ninjas deliver wedding gifts to us :) We enjoyed some wine and juice thanks to them.

Group photo with ninjas

Group photo with ninjas (courtesy of Koji Tanaka)

Next meetup is scheduled on Saturday, April 12th at 11am. Please RSVP on meetup.com event page.

WordPress Meetup Tokyo, February 2014: Plugins Show and Tell

Tokyo had the heaviest snowfall in decades yesterday. Luckily it stopped snowing today, and we didn’t have to cancel WordPress Meetup Tokyo.

For the past 2 months, we have been inviting participants to speak for 5 minutes in show and tell format. Today’s topic was WordPress Plugins. I talked about Plugin Troubleshooting 101:

WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting 101 in 5 Minutes

Although all things I mentioned were super basic, understanding what to do when White Screen of Death happens is something every WordPress users should know. I hope these slides will help you or your friend getting stuck with plugin troubles!

More Links

Here are some links from other speakers’ talk.





Next Meetup

Next WordPress Meetup Tokyo is on Sunday, March 16th. We’ll be sharing WordPress site optimization tips this time. Come join us at Co-Edo Coworking Space Kayabacho!


Yakushima, Winter 2013-2014

After a few days in Kagoshima City, I spent a very relaxing new year holiday in Yakushima Island with Keita and my parents. Here are some photos I took during my 11-day stay.

Anbo River

On New Year’s Day, we went for a short hike in Yakusugi Land park.

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen is a very rare natural spa spot, which is directly connected to the ocean. The sign says “no swimsuits allowed”!

Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen

We also went to see the banyan tree “gate” in Sarukawa and Ōko-no-taki & Torōki-no-taki Falls in the afternoon.

Some photos of Harutahama Beach where we went running. We got there at the perfect timing to see the sunset.

On the last night with my parents, we went to Sanpotei for dinner.

Flower at Sanpo Tei

More photos from this trip are in my Flickr set: Kagoshima & Yakushima 2013-2014 Winter